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We are a collective of architects and designers


Our projects are developed with a social responsibility. Grape Architects care about creating inclusive situations and urban spaces for people and communities.




We don’t limit our work to certain scales or typologies, but always seek social and environmental sustainability. We initiate our own projects where we see potential for a valuable contribution.




+ VR


Virtual Reality gives us a unique possibility to explore, develop and communicate ideas, from initial design mock-ups and project collaboration, through to finishing touches.

A more realistic experience of actually being inside the context we create gives us the opportunity to make more efficient and confident design decisions.


urban STrategies

We at Grape aim at designing cities and places that allow diversity, interaction and connectivity. We want to create urban spaces that are vibrant and where people want to be.

How can cities grow and at the same time take care of its citizens' needs?

How can urban density be combined with quality?

How can we facilitate an active city in a Nordic climate every day of the year?



Our plants are from Luck Oslo.

Out art is from Broslo


the model workshop

We use models to explore different aspects of a design and to communicate our ideas. Models are some of the best tools for exploring space, scale, construction, materials and other considerations in building design.

Since the model represents something that is still on the way, it is still open for additions and modifications. The architectural model allows for a continuous creative design process both for us and in dialogue with the client.


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