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We're a bunch of curious people, and challenges inspire us. We truly believe that anything can happen.

Grape was founded in 2015, and today we are a team of over 40 people. We’re a mix of architects, urban planners and designers with a special interest in urban development, future housing and workspaces.

Meet the team

Urban strategies

We aim at designing cities and places that allow for diversity, interaction and connectivity. Vibrant, urban spaces where people enjoy spending their time is our target.

We ask ourselves questions, like: ‘How can cities grow and still take care of their citizens' needs?’, or ‘How can urban density be combined with high quality?’, or ‘In a Nordic climate, how can we create a city that’s active every day of the year?’. By looking for the answers, we find the solutions.

Architecture & VR

Virtual reality gives us a unique possibility to explore, develop and communicate our ideas. From initial design mock-ups and project collaborations, through to the finishing touches.

With a more realistic experience of actually being inside the spaces we create, we can make more efficient and confident design decisions. And of course, it is quite cool.

The workshop

We use models to explore different aspects of a design and to communicate our ideas. Models are a great tool for exploring space, scale, construction, materials and other considerations in a building design.

As the model represents work in progress, it’s open for additions and modifications. The architectural model allows for a continuous creative design process, for us internally as well as with the client.

Architectural Due Diligence

ADD is intended as a supplement to legal DDs. It is adapted to each specific case, and contains a collection of framework conditions, as well as assessments of these of an architectural and discretionary nature. 

This is done at an early stage in a property development project, as part of assessing the property’s potential. The ADD will usually be of an overarching nature and can form the framework for further feasibility studies, government clarifications, design and regulation.

The future is here. Let’s stay ahead.

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