Digital tools

Vision Research

We use BIM in combination with Virtual Reality, Real-Time Rendering and GIS in our daily work to communicate and share information with clients, neighbours and the municipality

Virtual reality gives us a unique possibility to explore, develop and communicate our ideas. From initial volume sketches, project collaborations, through to building application and detail design. VR enables us and our clients to take informed decisions, since we can explore proposals and possible outcomes before they are built. With a more realistic experience of actually being inside the spaces we create, we can not only make more efficient and confident design decisions but also involve different stakeholders on in the process, be it developers, future users or the municipality. Seeing is believing and that makes VR a powerful tool. With Real Time render engines linked to our BIM models, it is quicker then ever to visualize our ideas and concepts and build an immersive VR experience in the same process.

We are taking part in a research project about VR and user participation in our work with the zoning plan for Institutt for EnergiteknikkAdditionally we are collaborating with Varjo, a leading manufacturer in augmented, mixed reality and VR headsets. 

With good knowledge of planning and digital tools, we analyze the conditions, map risk drivers and quickly make volume studies in the initial phase. We collaborate with Spacemaker, which supplies AI software for analysis and design.

Try this QR-code to see 360-images from Institutt for Energiteknikk:

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