We have committed ourselves and signed the 10 principles by Skift Norge to reach the climate goals

The principles have been prepared by Skift Norge, which is a business-driven climate initiative. The member organization consists of climate leaders in the business community who want to be the driving force for Norway to reach its climate goals by 2030 and take the lead in showing the business opportunities that lie in the transition to the zero-emission society.

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  1. 1 Demonstrating active leadership for a circular economy
  2. 2 Turning existing business models into circular options
  3. 3 Developing product and service portfolio into circular models
  4. 4 Converting to regenerative processes, production and operation
  5. 5 Share resources
  6. 6 Treating our own possessions for maximum lifespan, use of resources, and reuse
  7. 7 Making more circular purchases
  8. 8 Working for agreements that gives increased circularity
  9. 9 Collaborate vertically across value chains to maximise circularity
  10. 10 Prioritise development of technology and a data driven circular economy
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