This new residential building is part of a larger development project for Kiellandskvartalet, located between construction phase 2 of Waldemars Hage and the north-eastern corner of Alexander Kiellands plass. 

The new building will mostly contain housing units, and some commercial facilities on the ground floor, towards Darres gate/Hauchs gate. 


Location: Kiellandskvartalet fase-2, Darresgate 2B, Oslo

Type: 39 apartments and store venue on ground floor. 11 stories, approximately 4300m2 BRA.

Date: Ongoing.

Client: Fredensborg Norge AS

Collaborators: Vedal Utvikling AS, INBY AS, Nordconsult AS, Multiconsult AS, Øst Riv AS

ResidentialInga Egeberg